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Barbarians - Barbarian Fort - Guardian - Barbarian Keep - Barbarian Camp

AP Consumption:
Ap consumption is big feature in rise of kingdoms as it can limit your progress. Therefore making the most out of it can help you progress the right way and get better results out of the time you spent in rok. PvE related situations such as hunting barbarians, rallying barbarian forts, hunting marauders, picking up loots, various events cost Ap and you can get some pretty sweet goodies from them.

Now I'll cover 5 key topics you'd want to make the most use of where some don't even require you to Ap.

Barbarians: There isn't much to talk about, you learn about them in the tutorial after all but I will mention how the chain system work. Basically you hit a target and then move your troops slightly so your target chase you and you'll want to position in a way that your commanders AoE skill hit the other barbarian beside you, which makes that barbarian target you as well, thus saving you Ap and you get reward by beating both of them. Check the image below to learn more:

Barbarian Forts: Barbarian forts are very simple but very important. Basically it's a target you rally with your allies and based on the percentage of damage your troops provide you obtain a reward. Also note the rally leader get slightly more as while those who join help with troops, the rally leader also has their commander dropping skill damage which makes a difference as a whole but it's not anything out of the world so let anyone with high technology do it.

Now the key part is that they drop something called Book of Covenant. Which are a bottleneck you'll face down the line so make sure to prioritize hunting forts together with your allies if you're a non-spender or light spender.

This is an advance tip but during the rest period (no war, just farming scenario) you'd want to rally those barbarian forts as much as possible with your allies as after defeating it your whole alliance gets a reward from the alliance gift option which drops VIP points, AP, resources, speedups and so much more. These are very useful for your and everyone else's growth.

You can quite easily fine a barbarian fort by simply zooming out of the map and find this particular icon.

Guardian: Guardians are free experience walking by. They can be slightly strong during the early days so attack it together with your allies and you'd get a ton of experience points without consuming Ap. A very good way to level up the commanders if you're prepared for the grind.

These guardians spawn around various neutral structures such as Shrine, Lost Temple, Circle etc around 12:05 UTC and 00:05 UTC and they'd despawn 8 hours after they appear to hit them before they vanish.

Another fun feature is that they drop runes after defeated which can things like building construction speedup, attack boost, training boost, Ap recovery and many more. So it is wise to hold up on big upgrades until Lost Temple is available to make the most out of it as guardians around that place drop the best type of runes. I image is shown below to show how Guardians look like.

Barbarian Keep: Barbarian keeps were included in 2021. They are a good way to organise your alliance to do raids together as there a ton of barbarian patrols and towers who can take out marches of a fully maxed out accounts troops. It's fun and challenging and rewards are quite nice as well.

You can collect various blueprints after defeating the final boss in which an additional boss may appear as well who will drop even more loots at defeat.

Do note they take a while before you can raid again and after each defeat they get stronger by 1 level until their max level is reached. Also once you defeat a boss you can't get another reward from them until the cooldown ends but you can still pick up the loot dropped by the boss.

An image is provided below to show you how a Barbarian keep may look like and how the bosses appear in the game:

Barbarian Camp: This is the easier mode of the barbarian keep and unlocks before the keep. Anyway they are small camp around a bonfire where the boss is protected by a couple of guards. So you basically just need to beat up the boss and obtain the loot. These reset every couple of hours about 2-3 times a day so something definitely grindable if you're actively playing the game.

An image is provided below to show you how a Barbarian Camp may look like: