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Civilization - Commander - Building - Ap Consumption - Resource Management - Alliance - Expedition - Sunset Canyon - Fog Exploration - Setting up Account - War - Events

The first step into the game after making an account would be the game letting you pick one of the 12 civilisations with each having different starter commanders. Each of these commanders have their own strength and weaknesses so picking the right one can help smooth sail your process from the get go. Other than that each of these civilisations also provide various buffs and special units.

For Example: Britain as a civilisation has the starter commander Boudica. She is a fantastic early game commander who does well in both PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment) but her primary usage is to help grow your other commanders. While the civilisation includes bonuses like troops training which help you gain power quickly and be prepared for war.

Now we all have preferences and have opinions on which being the best civilisation but from an objective view China would be best starting civilisation to choose from.

Here is why, first of all you get Sun Tzu as your starting commander who is currently one of the very best early game commander for PvP purpose will be available to you, then you are also gaining 2 major buffs from the civilisation. One being able build quicker and other would be AP (Action Point) recovery. These buffs would help you progress extremely fast as an active player and last but not least you'll also be getting a peacekeeper commander called Markswoman by clearing the tutorial. She is sadly underestimated but in truth a very strong PvE commander for you to use. With her, the civilisation and Sun Tzu you're basically getting a full package of all the stuff that helps you snowball the game early on.

Due to how largescale this whole guide is I've prepared tiny buttons with topic name that you can quickly jump to it and then proceed as usual in the chronological order in which I've written it down. You can also watch the video if you prefer to watch instead of reading. Hope it helps, have a great day.

Template - Commander Basics.png


Here I'll be covering their star requirement, experience points, how the skills work, what the lock system is, what is the talent tree system and how equipment work. I'll also be adding in commander pairing to it so it helps you out throughout the early game.

Buildings are a great source of power and progression during the early game phase, so I had hoped to cover some of the important points about it.

First of all rushing in Rise of Kingdom is completely normal and it is encouraged by everyone to rush your City Hall level. To maximise efficiency you'd want your first builder to work on the City Hall while making your 2nd builder level up pre-requisite structures for the upcoming level.

An Important reminder, always level up your alliance centre first once you reach a new city hall level as you can get 1 extra help from your allies that way to cut down building upgrade time. Also while at it when runes/titles etc become available make sure to take full advantage of it to lower your upgrade time. (Note rune/titles need to be picked up before starting an upgrade to work.)

I'll also include a list of priority structures to upgrade so pass through the process smoothly.

Template - AP Consumption.png

AP Consumption:

Here I'll be pointing out the usage of AP. How it affects your grinding process via barbarians, barbarian forts, guardians, barbarian camp and barbarian keep.

Template - Resource Management.png

Resource Management:

For this topic I'll be going over how the storage inventory help, why invest in VIP points, when to use speedups and where should you be spending your gems and ways to obtain them.

Alliance Technology & Advantages:
Joining a good alliance can produce a ton of benefits for your accounts growth. As you'll find active players easily, do barbarian forts and such together, get the benefits of an occupied shrine/pass etc and having better tech such as faster building/research upgrade, faster experience gain from barbarians and such.

You'll also be getting instant help spam which lets you easily finish up various small scale upgrades instantly and help lower time for the bigger ones. Also there is the daily chests you can obtain from alliance members purchase and clearing things like barbarian fort.

astly we have various Shrine/Pass/Temple which gives a nice amount of buff and not only that as the first one to occupy you'll also be gaining gems which can be hard to obtain for f2p and light spenders. I'll attack an image below to show you what kind of troops stay inside the pass/shrine/temple etc.

Even though I named it expedition I'll be covering both the Expedition and Sunset Canyon in this topic.

First we go over the expedition. Here you'll be clearing various scenarios against the computer and gain various coins to purchasae stuff in the shop. Mainly being Constance the gatherer and then Aetheflaed who is a legendary support commander. In expedition you'd want to have a tank based commander to soak up the damage from the computer armies while your other armies beat them down. So in here Scipio is a commander who shines a lot due to being quite tanky for an epic commander, Scipio x Eulji. While for damage you'd want Bjorn x Sun, Baibars x Pelagius, Aetheflaed x Joan etc make a very strong pair.

Now for Sunset Canyon there isn't much to say. Simple make 5 army stationed in the 8 boxes and tap play. They'll fight other players with similar ranking and you get rewards for participating. Doesn't matter if you win or lost but the rewards are great so you'd want to do this regularly. Other than that there is the daily ranking and weekly ranking reward as well, those aren't much but better than not getting anything so try to have a higher rank if possible otherwise just tap skip button during the fight and be done with it.

Template - Fog Exploration.png
01.E War Preparation.png

Fog Exploration:

While many might wonder why even explain fog exploration, from my experience people do it in a way it is very tedious and miss out many of the hidden features.

War Preparation:

The main feature of this game. Here I'll go through the basics of preparation so that you can be all geared up when heading out to the battlefield. Starting from Buffs, what marches are, how rally and garrison work, what is a city defense and how zeroing works.

Template - Early Game Events.png


Last but not least we have events which help us progress not only quickly but also very fun to participate. So I'll be covering the beginners event, Lohars Trial, Migtiest Government Event, Wheel of Fortune, Ark of Osiris and More than Gems. 

With this we have reached the end of the Beginners Guide. You can watch the video attached below if you don't like to read all that. I hope the guide helps you out and in the near future I'll add an advanced Guide for those who have mastered the basics and starting looking into more complicated issues like game mechanics, various event tips, how are stats calculated etc.

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