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Building Basics
Fusion - Home (Basics & Structure Type) - Base (Farming - Fertilize & Seeding) - Crystal Core (Build, Craft, Arcane, Nurturing, Gadget and Vehicle)


  • Fusion

  • Home - Basics & Structure Type

  • Base - Farming (Fertilize & Seeding)

  • Crystal Core - Build, Craft, Arcane, Nurturing, Gadget, Vehicle


Your first home can be built anywhere. It could be in the middle of the desert, on top a snowy mountain, in a big valley or at the heart of an ocean, maybe even in outer space the possibilities are endless but as you're just starting out I'd recommend build somewhere near where others will be in. Which is by the City slightly north of Fiery Hill around the waterfall area. (Eastmount as a reference) 

The very first step to building start with fusion. Here you craft the
Crystal Core which is the foundation of all you'll build around it. It starts with a 5x5 plot and grows all the way up to 13x13 at level 10 on the side, with unlimited top and bottom area meaning you can build staircase up to the heaven or all the way down to the underworld. 

Home - Basics & Structure Type:
I'm gonna go through 3 basic steps that I've noticed many struggle with at the start of the game. 


  • 1st. Can you move your Crystal Core?
    The answer is yes, simply delete the foundation below it and the game will send the Crystal Core can be claimed from Home, which then gets sent to your inventory. Afterwards simply move it elsewhere of your choice. (Do note that this process won't move your basic area of where you can build but simply let you move the Crystal to a location that is easier to use.

  • 2nd. What if you want to move to a new area completely?
    Well that's an yes as well. You can freely move to a completely new location and get all resources you spent refunded to you except for research that is being upgraded. Those basically restart the process due to getting closed midway. A good idea is to move when no research is ongoing.

  • 3rd. Finding your Coursor (Exclusive to Desktop Users)
    To bring the cursor simply tap which is right below Esc (Simple right but I myself had a tough time finding it as well.)


Now for the structures there are many types available in the game not that you'll get them all at the beginning but as you research the Crystal Core and upgrade your home you'll get more and more options handed to you..

  • At the beginning you'll get the Foundation which would include laminate and columns in the future. 

  • Then you got Partitions they include wall, opening like window, door and decoration for the wall corners. The walls can be build closer or slightly away on the Foundation to make the decoration built inwards or the outwards.

  • Anyway next we got Railing which basically includes stairs and handrails. They can be a bit troublesome to build due to how chunky the game is so simply put in the same location multiple times in case the rotate button isn't rotating properly and then delete the rest afterwards. 

  • Lastly there are Pavilion and Ridge those are used to create the roof. There are a ton of styles you get to choose from not to mention multiple types of styles to decorate it as a finishing touch as well.


Remember you can always delete a structure to get the material back and know that they all need to be connected somehow, you can't just build a house in thin air. Yes it may look like it's hanging on the air and no foundation underneath it but it'll be connected to the upper level somehow.

Base - Farming (Fertilize & Seeding):

There are many ways to farm but not many are up to the continuous labour it takes to get things done and can be often confusing when you're trying it out first. 

Note there are two primary things to remember.

  • 1st the land you create need to be fertilized and it needs to be done often. You do it from buildings section and selection base then simply use the fertilizer. In future you can craft various machines to do the part but that's midgame stuff. 

  • 2nd is fertilizing the seed which basically lower the harvest timer. Do note that people can steal your harvest so you'd want to find a area without much people to do your thing. 


Remember Base is an extention of land, it isn't part of your home so you can't really attach the two to increase the plot size. 


Crystal Core - Build, Craft, Arcane,  Nurturing, Gadget, Vehicle:
Build, Craft and Arcane are the main things to focus on while Nurturing with Base being a choice and lastly Gadget with Vehicle being a luxury. 

With that said I'll breeze over them so it helps you all.

  • 1st. for Build you'd want to focus Foundation, Partition etc so it helps give you more points for the ones you've already built and it goes a long way through that as obtaining points to level up home can be quite tough.

  • 2nd we have Craft which your need to refine your materials into better quality. Refining can be crucial as you want it to be high as possible so you can craft higher tier equipment on your own rather than trying to buy off auction by selling an arm and a leg. 

  • 3rd. Arcane is the most important of them all as you'd want to level up constellation as quickly as possible, they don't take long but help you get your character get very strong if Build properly. 

  • 4th. Nurturing and Base is a choice for midgame, like should you want to. Eventually you'll have them all maxed out but initially it's not necessary but doing it would definitely help out with the grind.

  • 5th. Gadget and Vehicle is a luxury because Gadget is needed to get better catching crossbow but you can simply buy up to a purple one for a few Sage Coin so it's not the most necessary upgrade. Then for Vehicle is just to flex. Clearly you can swim, get on a horse or fly with a bird so the Vehicle helps but not mandatory.

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