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Character Overview
Flair - Meridian Level - Home - Faction - Survival Stats - Power - Types of Stats - Bloodline - Life Skill - Sigil - Star

Welcome to Chimeraland everyone. A vast world is out here waiting for you but starting up the game you might feel overwhelmed by everything around you and may even not remember many of the features or simply want to revisit the topic. So here I am with a basic guide to help you get through all this.

In this guide I'll be going over the topic on your Avatar so let's get started.


The first one on the top left corner you'd notice something called a flair and it's fairly simply. You wear in game cosmetics and it'd increase your flair resulting in unlocking more cosmetics in the store.

Meridian Level:

This is simply your Avatars level. Do note that levels aren't everything so even as a high level player one might have a hard time fighting a beast if everything else is not built up well.


Home level is something you obtain through building up home, adding furniture's and leveling up structures through the Crystal Core. Note that the max plot area is 13x13 but you can go above or underground as much as you want.