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Fog Exploration - Resources - Alliance Structures - Account Setup

Fog Exploration:
It's a simple topic but I've noticed many find it tedious and do it the hard way. So I'll just go through it quickly.

First of all there are caves and villages. The villages give you free troops and some of the basic economy based technology for free so you'd want to actively check to get all of them. As for the caves they have multiple tiers so you'd want to focus getting the level 3 ones first but that doesn't mean you should ignore the lower level ones. Be sure to collect those as well.

I'll attach an image below so you easily setup the map to find village, camp etc easily.

Resource: There is also the resources available in the map you can freely collect. This is something you learn on the tutorial but I just wanted to point out that you'd want to clear the full resource nod as new ones won't appears until the old one is gone so it is a good practice to ask people to clear the rss node. Also there is a thing called alliance motherload which basically lets all the alliance members farm inside it to obtain resources. It is slightly slow but you can still farm millions of resources out of it. A simple rotation is Food - Wood - Stone - Gold or Food - Food - Wood - Wood - Stone - Stone - Gold and lastly Gold - Gold - Gold only.

Alliance Structure: Now for alliance structures, these are basically the shrines/pass etc which you can capture from the barbarian control and they'd provide various buffs to your alliance. As you progress throughout the game these structures could be the cause to start a war until the kingdom is unified under one ruler by taking over the Lost Temple.

Account Setup: I shall also include a bonus of setting up your account. Basically no one like to talk to Governor563973734 and therefore you'd want to add your name. Also you may have started game with friends but can't seem find each other. Well you basically zoom out of the map, tap on the globe icon on the bottom right and see which kingdom number you're in. I'll add an image so ita easier to find: