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Star Medal | Hero Experience | Hero Skill (Tokens, Artifacts) | Talent Tree | Basic Pairing Examples

Hero Medals:

In Call of Dragon we have Medals which are used to upgrade the star level of the Heroes. There are currently 3 available rarities starting with Elite, then Epic and then Legendary. Also each of these rarities have 3 kinds of Medals. Each kind offers a different amount of Star experience for the heroes. These are Medal, Titan Medal and Lucky Medal.

Ways to Obtain Hero Medals:

Silver Chests + Golden Chests + VIP Shop + Various Events + Goblin Market + Bundles

Hero Experience:

Now for Heroes each of them goes from level 1 to level 60 gaining 1 talent points along the way. Additionally you'd get 7 more talents points as you gain star levels and such along the way.


As for Hero experience, those are based on rarities. So the higher the rarity of a commander the more experience they'll require in order for them to level up. Here is a list below to help you learn more about how much is required at each level.

Hero Skill:

To level up a Hero skill you'd require Shards. Now again there are 3 rarities and again each rarity require a different amount to level up.


Now why is the shard requirement so important in Call of Dragon? It is because they are not easy to obtain and most gameplay centers around how well built your Hero is. While it can be relaxed for Elite to Epic Heroes, it can be extremely crucial to Legendary Heroes. This is because if multiple skills are unlocked at once the game will randomly pick a skill to level up and because of that a rule of thumb is to max the first skill of each Epic & Legendary Heroes. I will explain further down below but for now here is the medal requirement for each rarity.

So if you played Call of Dragon for a bit you've probably heard people say 5-1-1-1 or 5-5-1-1 etc Hero. What are those? These are basically the Hero skills where these numbers represent the skill level with 5 being the max and 1 being the lowest. As for 5-1-1-1 these are the 1st skill at level 5 and 2nd, 3rd and 4th being at level 1.


Ways to obtain Hero Shards:

Dragon Trail (Advance and Elite) + VIP Bundles + Events + VIP level + Bundles