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Inventory - VIP - Speedups - Gems

Inventory Management:
The whole game is basically all about resource management. The one who does it better gets to develop his kingdom and be there when he or she is needed in a war. Failure to do that and you'll end up with 10 different alt account farming resources for you or buying endless bundles of supply. Now don't get me wrong alt accounts and bundles do help but much of the extra hassle can be ignored if you simple prepare your account the right way. In this guide however I'll be covering the basics so we shall go through inventory management, investing in VIP, the usage of speedups and ways to obtain and use gems.

Inventory: First let's go with the inventory system. Basically it's a secured place where your resources are stored in a card system and you'd want to keep them as it is and only use them when you need something urgently such as resource to heal up your troops, resource to do a big upgrade. Applying various production buff etc. Preferably you'd want to gather resources in a way that you don't have to use the inventory resources that way they'll stack up overtime and you use them to participate and win in various events such as lord of power, the Mightiest government event so on and forth.

VIP: Next we have VIP and this is crucial but rather straight forward. At the start of the game you'd directly want to reach VIP level 6 so obtain the 2nd builder because the process is quite slow without it and you'll fall behind. Once that is done your next target is VIP 10, then 12 and then 14. These 3 different VIP level offer golden sculptures which are used to upgrade your legendary commander. These are absolutely crucial for your progression in the game especially if you're a f2p or a light spender. This VIP is a must to work on and you should work on it since day 1 in rise of kingdom. Remember commanders are everything in the late game, everyone will have the troops, the resources, the gears but the commander they won't so do it early and do it properly.

Speedups Usage: There is a ton of places to use speedups so I'll try my best to cover as many I can. First is during barracks upgrade. You'd want to instantly complete it as when they are upgrading you can't train troops so finish it up and keep on training troops. Next would be academy, it's similar to the barracks as you'd want the research to be ongoing at all times. Other than that you'd want to hoard speedups like the research ones or training so that when an event shows up and you can win, you'd want to use them all and take a high ranking place to earn some golden sculptures. Also instead of using spedxups to heal troops try healing 2000 troops at a time, the help from alliance can get it done without using any speedups so there is that. Also early on you'd want to avoid speedups as around 40ish day into the game you'll unlock the lost temple which drops the best runes so you'll want to use those to upgrade building, research etc so use your speedups to reach tier 4 or 5 units then. (Both f2p and heavy spenders).

Gems Usage and Earning: Gems are the premium currency of rise of kingdom and just like anything premium they cost a lot and very hard to get and a ton of place to waste them. So to avoid wasting them I'll help you out.

First you'd want to use them to level up your VIP. Yes VIP, don't be a big head and waste them in castle upgrade, you're weird as duck for even thinking about that. Now if you're wondering why VIP then I've explained it before go read that if you skipped it. As to why not castle books, well its simple they are grindable. Basically you rally everyday with your AP and you'll have the castle maxed before your tech is maxed to unlock t5. Now the 2nd place to spend gems is the wheel of fortune. Its an event where you unlock the fun commanders but if you're a f2p or light spender you'd basically just want to spend enough gems to unlock the commander which roughly takes 8.5k gems and you'll want to use the rest on VIP. If however you're moderate spender then feel free to spend it on the wheelof fortune and you'll have fairly decent if not great commanders from the get go. As to how to obtain gems, ifs somejoin an active alliance in the leadeboard and help them take various structures like the pass, shrine etc. The first occupation bonus gives you a ton of gems. You'll want to actively collect them both during the early game and during kvk. Other than that being in a spenders alliance also help you obtain them from daily gift boxes. You can also gather gems if you're hyper active and end up gathering 1k minimum in a day and up to 2k per day. If you're in kvk this number can further increase to 3k gems. Lastly you can hunt barbarians during the kvk to earn a lot of gems + equipment materials as well.

There are many more topics to covet but I won't overwhelm you and keep the rest for an advanced guide.

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