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Buff - March System - Rally & Garrison - City Defense - Zeroing

War Preparation:
While war is the most fun part of the game for many you'd want to prepare well for it. So I'm here to help you prepare just like batman does so you're fully geared up to do a beat down.

Buffs and Preparation: Starting with buffs, they play a major role during a fight and they actively take effect the moment you obtain a buff or activate it. Buffs include things such as status bonus like attack, defense, health, march speed, troops capacity, skill damage bonus etc. You can obtain these buffs by picking up various runes beside the shrines and such or by activating them from your inventory such as army expansion, attack/defense bonus. The buffs may look like much but these few percentage can make or break a fight which is especially crucial when it comes to leading a rally or garrison. As you know rally or garrison isn't done by your troops alone, it includes your allies so any lives saved by using an extra buff can be the edge you need to win the war.

March System: Now as for marches there are basically the troops you send out from your city. You'll start the game with 1 march available and increase up to 5 when you reach city Hall level 21. In additional for the extremely late game you can temporarily unlock up to 7 marches to use in the field.

Your marches will contain 2 commanders the primary and secondary. The primary commanders talent tree, equipment, level and skills will count. Where as for the secondary only their skills will take effect so make side you focus leveling up skills for your secondary commander and avoid leveling them up more than they need.

Rally & Garrison System: Now for rally or garrison they are basically what you do together with your alliance members but here is the catch the alliance members who join the rally or garrison will only be providing the troops and the kills obtained from the fight will be equally distributed to everyone. While for the rally or garrison leader their talent tree, equipment, commander skill, buffs, level all will take place similar to how primary and secondary work as I explained before. Due to that you'd want someone to lead these rally or garrison by someone who had better technology, better vip level, better commanders and better equipment which is mostly the whales but as your account grows you'll be able to do just the same as well.

City Defense: Unlike many other games where you can build trap account or actively use your city to fight here in rise of kingdom is not possible due to how overwhelming your opponent can be when hitting your city. Therefore it is advisable to use a peace shield to survive and not invest in garrison commanders for your city. The only exception is when you have maxed technology, better commanders and vip. That is when you can take a rally to your city but even then you'll want to actively keep a lookout so that your city do not burn and shield up when it is necessary. It doesn't matter if you have 50m power or 500m power if you're inactive and they attack your city, you'll end up zeroed.

Zeroing: As I mentioned above zeroing I wanted to cover the topic as well. Zeroing is something we call in rise of kingdom when your city is completely destroyed, your troops dead and your resources stolen but don't lose hope you can always rebuild but during the rebuilding phase it might be a bit tough so try not to get zeroed.

As for how to rebuild it's quite simple, just take a step back and do the usual stuff you do each day. Gather resources and train troops and eventually you'll end up back where you once were.

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