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Written by Hexate, current moderator of Rise of Kingdom Discord

Wheel of Fortune is an event which comes every 2 weeks, during the same week as Mightiest Governor or more precisely 2nd day of the MGE event. It’s basically just a slot machine where you spin in an attempt to get commander heads as the primary prize.

As stated above the Wheel of Fortune comes every 2 weeks alongside Mightiest Governor Event.

The Cycle of commander is listed below:
Universal x1 > Richard x3 > Universal x2 > Yi Syong Gye (YSG) x3 > Universal x2 > Genghis Khan x3 > Universal x2 > Alexander x3 > Universal x2 > Edward x3 > Universal x2

Afterwards the Kingdom will ender the Season of Conquest (SoC) cycle, from that point you'll be getting multiple commanders to choose from rather than just one at a time. Do note that the generation 1 commander sadly will not appear anymore which are Richard I and Yi Syong Gye so be sure to unlock those two when you have the chance.

The Cycle of commander is listed below:
Cavalry > Infantry > Archer > Leadership > Repeat

Do keep in mind that because of these multiple choice once lets say Cavalry wheel is gone you won't be getting Cavalry commanders again in another 2 month at least as the next will be Infantry so on and forth. So if you need someone you'd want to unlock them then or else wait 2 months for them.

Value Breakdown:
What you’re all probably here for, an examination of value.

From 1 spin, you should expect an average of .47 specific or universal heads, at certain spin intervals you’ll get a bonus as well. You should always look to spin enough to hit a bonus and no more (unless you’re a whale and max spinning 184)

Spin Bonus:
10 spins - 5 Specific Commander Sculptures
25 spins - 5 Universal Sculptures
45 spins - 10 Specific Commander Sculptures
70 spins - 10 Universal Sculptures
100 spins - 15 Specific Commander Sculptures

From the chart, we can see the best values are at lower points when the free/discounted spins have higher effects, for most players I suggest spinning the wheel just enough to unlock a new commander you want, probably 10 or 25 spins, and then saving the rest of your gems for equipment. Most commanders should be maxed via golden heads from various other events or from daily sculpture gain from VIP level as averaging 700 gems / head is not a value in my opinion.

Surprisingly 100 spins is better than 70 spins as well, so if you’re a medium/high spender going in on wheel, always plan to go a full 100 spins instead of 70 spins.

About Speedups:
You can expect to receive about 10.4 hours of speedups per spin as well, although 2.56h of it will be research specific. Valuing speedups at 600 gems / day via VIP shop, we can derive a modified value chart including them.

Note there is a bonus in speedups at 70 spins but it’s relatively minor so it’s dis-included.

Including speedup value will obviously lower the cost/head significantly, but not to enough of a degree where it becomes well worth it compared to other events.

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